Google Search New Feature- Upgrades

Google unveiled a series of planned upgrades to its search and maps services revealing the company’s augmented reality.

The new features include ways for people to search for nearby items using images and identify physical objects using camera.

Google Search- Item Search Using Images

Google Search- Google Maps 3D

On Google Maps, the company promised a way for people to explore detailed 3D digital models of landmarks and neighborhoods.

Google shared the plans on Wednesday for the first day of its annual I/O developer conference held near its Mountain View.

Google Search- Unveiled in Google I/O

Google Search- Boyond Text Search

Google is working to keep its products relevant and growing as users’ needs evolve beyond text. 

Google’s core search advertising business has continued to grow steadily, despite recent middling financial results. 

Google Search- Advertisement Search

Google Search- Voice Assistant Feature

search with voice features than typing, which has driven Google to invest more in its voice assistant feature.

Users could start at Instagram or TikTok to figure out where to go for lunch,” said Raghavan. 

Google Search- Use Social Media

Google Search New Feature  - Swipe Up!!!

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