Google Wallet App- Announced at Google I/O

At its I/O developer conference today, Google finally announced the much-awaited Google Wallet revamp.

The updated Google Wallet app will let you store everything from credit cards to digital IDs on your phone. 

Google Wallet App- Store any Dgital IDs

Google Wallet App- Google Pay Replacement

This new Google Wallet app will also replace the old Google Pay app in some regions.

Google confirmed that Google Pay will soon become the new Google Wallet app in regions outside the United States, Singapore, & India. 

Google Wallet App- Confirmed

Google Wallet App- Why Wallet App

The Google Wallet app is pretty simple to replace your physical wallet with a digital one that stays inside your phone.

Google Wallet will trigger Google Maps to show your card and balance automatically when you search for directions.

Google Wallet App- Google Maps Integrated

Google Wallet App- Security Implications

There are a lot of security implications that need to be figured out, but it seems that Google is confident that it can do it right.

The Wallet app will become home to things like driver’s licenses and state IDs, though this will also demand a huge amount of effort.

Google Wallet App- What Company Says

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