Retired Three-time NBA All-Star Gilbert Arenas recently made controversial comments regarding Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Arenas continued to make the same argument in a blog post online declaring that Antetokounmpo did not bring any new skills.

In a recent interview at EuroBasket where Antetokounmpo is also playing at the same time, Dragic lit up Arenas.

Giannis is MVP Gilbert Arenas, I don't know if he ever was an MVP." added Dragic. Bucks Legend was also awarded Defensive Player of Year.

At times, when they retire they want to remain present," Dragic added. "Sometimes they are portrayed through the press.

Dragic is correct that Arenas remarks smack of an old-fashioned head trying to keep his relevance instead of any foundations.

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Antetokounmpo has vastly increased his skills over time as a mid-range scorer, a versatile post-up threat an effective shots.

Even taking into account Bucks Legend's additional accolades. Arenas ought to follow the example of Dragic and remove his profile.

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