Goran Dragic- Became Batman

Luka Doncic was ready for action, but due to him being tired, Goran Dragic became Batman.

The Slovenian captain made a big three-point play that won the overtime victory over Turkey in Istanbul.

Goran Dragic- Slovenian Captain

Goran Dragic- Eurobasket Tournament

Although it was a pre-game, the two teams were preparing for the upcoming Eurobasket tournament.

Dragic ended the night with 28 points and the winning trio, while Doncic scored 23 points, 10 rebounds.

Goran Dragic- Points & Rebounds

Turkey, which is still without Shane Larkin as a naturalized point guard, received production from their NBA.

Goran Dragic- Point Guard

Furkan Korkmaz scored 33 points on five made 3s and Cedi Osman added 24 points in the tournament.

Goran Dragic- Points Scored

Turkey won the extra time game without Doncic. It was after Sengun's big block and a goal-foul.

Goran Dragic- Extra Game Time

Image Source- NY Post

Goran Dragic- Bounce Back

Image Source- Complex

The first game in Istanbul saw Ukraine defeat Poland by 28 points (88-60) is trying to bounce back.

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