Gordon Hayward- Miami Heat

The Miami Heat are looking for a powerful forward, and their eyes may be upon Gordon Hayward.

Heavy.com talked to an unnamed NBA executive who suggested Hayward might be an possible 'Plan B' option.

Gordon Hayward- Plan B Option

Gordon Hayward- Tyler Herro

If you want to give up [Tyler] Herro before you pay him and you want to move Duncan Robinson.

Hayward could be a good player to add to the roster of the Heat since he's averaging 15 points over the course.

Gordon Hayward- A Good Player

The drawback is that Hayward who was one of the players that the Heat sought after during the free-agent.

Gordon Hayward- The Free Agent

Hayward hasn't recovered All-Star form, as he suffered an awful leg injury during a game for Boston Celtics.

Gordon Hayward- Leg Injury

The Hornets were reported to be considering an exchange of Hayward prior to 2022's NBA draft.

Gordon Hayward- An Exchange

Image Source- Si.com

Gordon Hayward- Absolute Certainity

Image Source- Hardwood Houdini

It's not an absolute certainty that Herro isn't engaged in any trade deal for Hayward in the event.

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