Our Sun as a Telescope!!!

A pair of Stanford College astrophysicists have proposed a brand new means to make use of gravitational lensing.

Sun as a Lens- 1000 times More Powerful

This Gravitation Lensing method would be up to 1,000 times more precise than current methods.

Our Sun as a Telescope- Scientist Proposal

Alexander Madurowicz and Bruce Macintosh proposed a way to leverage gravitational lensing to capture better photos

Sun as a Lens- What is Gravitational Lensing

Gravitational lensing takes advantage of gravity’s ability to bend space-time and allows scientists to see vast distances.

Our Sun as a Telescope- What NASA Says

As NASA explains, extreme gravity can create interesting visual effects that current telescopes can detect.

Sun as a Lens- Theory by Einstein

Gravitational lensing is an effect that was theorized by Einstien, which sees gravity distort space and create an “optic” of sorts.

Our Sun as a Telescope- Magnifying Glass

Channels light in a way that scientists describe as akin to a giant magnifying glass.

Sun as a Lens!!!

Stanford astrophysicists want to use the Sun as the large gravitational force which would allow them to focus on planets.

Sun as a Lens- Swipe Up!!!

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