Great News About OnePlus Foldable Smartphone

OnePlus has given the Green Signal that they are going to bring the all new Smartphone in the Foldable Segment.

OnePlus Foldable Smartphone- Will be Rebranded

OnePlus is reportedly working on foldable phone but it is not going to be a surprise because it's smartphone we have already seen.

OnePlus Foldable Smartphone- Rebranded of Oppo

That is because the OnePlus Foldable Smartphone, it is rumoured to be the rebadged version of the Oppo Find N.

OnePlus Foldable Smartphone- Difference

There will be only one major difference between the Oppo Find N and the upcoming OnePlus foldable phone.

OnePlus Foldable Smartphone- Have to Wait!!!

OnePlus is tipped to launch five smartphones this year, but the foldable phone does not feature in the list yet.

OnePlus Foldable Smartphone- Compete Tech Giants

Introduction of a foldable device will place OnePlus among the likes of Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, Honor and its parent firm.

OnePlus Foldable Smartphone- Details

Unfortunately, details are scarce on the launch date or the features of this smartphone.We can expect the Specifications of the phone soon.

OnePlus Foldable Smartphone- Design

OnePlus could borrow the same design, which is currently flaunted by Oppo Find N – Oppo’s first foldable phone.

OnePlus Foldable Smartphone- Launching In India

We are hoping that OnePlus may launch a similar device to tap into one of its biggest markets – India.

OnePlus Foldable Smartphone- Segment Dominated

For now, the foldable smartphone industry in India is dominated majorly by Samsung Tech Giant.

OnePlus Foldable Smartphone- Vivo is Also in Line

Foldable Smartphone market in India is expected to be more competitive as Vivo is also developing its first foldable phone

OnePlus Foldable Smartphone- SWIPE UP!!!

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