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Green Bay Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst has put together an impressive roster.

Players at a variety of positions. He's hoping to wrap as many as he can to make sure they're prepared.

Green Bay Packers- Team Position

Green Bay Packers- Wrapping Line

There is no doubt that Gutekunst would allow Gary cut towards his front end of the bubble wrapping line.

He would be one of those guys," Gutekunst stated prior to Wednesday's training.

Green Bay Packers- Training

The pressure we felt (for having him drafted at the beginning of round one of 2019the draft.

Green Bay Packers- At the Beginning

Rashan has followed the path we believed that he would. If we didn't have Preston Smith.

Green Bay Packers- Believed

However, every time since his rookie season that we've been with him, he's had an impact.

Green Bay Packers- Every Time

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He's one of those players who's at that stage where all his physical skills are just awesome.

Green Bay Packers- Those Players

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