Green Bay Packers- Their Preseason

The Packers kept their preseason record for 2022 at 1-1 after a 20-10 win against New Orleans Saints.

After his initial drive had stalled after new player Romeo Doubs was unable to adjust to a sharp corner.

Green Bay Packers- Initial Drive

Green Bay Packers- The Field Goal

He led his team to 73 yards over 14 plays to get the field goal, but he ended up failing to hit a bootleg ball.

Love returned to lead an 11-play drive that ended in a 75-yard touchdown, which culminated in a four-yard.

Green Bay Packers- Yards Touchdown

The pace became more unpredictable as the game progressed, with shifting players and two quick downfield.

Green Bay Packers- Unpredictable

There were also three runs totalling 13 yards, which included an 11-yard scramble in the game's opening play.

Green Bay Packers- Runs Totalling

I think for me I've gotten more comfortable being decisive and being able to let it rip and not kind of waiting.

Green Bay Packers- More Comfortable

Green Bay Packers- Errant Fumble

Image Source- WBAY

Shawn Davis returned an errant fumble for 37 yards when both drives resulted in field goals.

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