GTA+ Subscription has been Started

GTA+ Subscription has been started for the Sony PS Series & Xbox users that will cost around $5.99 per month.

GTA+ Subscription Benefits- Maze Bank

GTA+ SUbscription offers a range of useful benefits, a guaranteed GTA$500,000 delivered to your Maze bank account.

GTA+ Subscription- Hao Upgrade Works

You will also receive an upgrade for your Principe Deveste Eight car from Hao’s Special Works (HSW).

GTA+ Subscription- Montly Game Currency

GTA+ Subscribers will receive monthly rewards, including recurring deposits of in-game currency.

GTA+ Subscriptions- Free Exclusive Content

GTA+ Subscribers also be able to claim estates and access other exclusive content which is newly added feature.

GTA+ Subscription- Shark Cards

The Tiger Shark Cash Card is $5 and gives you $200,000 in-game currency which can be used for further purchasing in the game.

GTA+ Subscription- Cars & related Benefits

GTA+ Subscribers can also use the Conveyor Livery on your vehicle, which will unlock free paints and emblems.

GTA+ Subscription can be purchased by

Those with access to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series XS version of the game will be able to enjoy these benefits.

GTA+ Subscription- Discounts

The monthly subscription will cost $5.99/month, with benefits ranging from in-game properties to membership discounts.


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