First off, Mercedes-AMG One is road legal. It's driven by a hybrid system that has the F1 engine and the F1 1.6L V6 engine driving it.

Mercedes AMG One- Road Legal

The engine is equipped with one turbo that is equipped with electronic assist that revs at an astounding 11,000 rpm. 

Mercedes AMG One- Engine Equipped With

The engine is able to produce 566 horsepower while meeting Euro-6 emission standards.

Mercedes AMG One- 566 Horsepower

The hybrid system comprises four electric motors as well as an 8.4 kWh battery that has the most advanced cooling system. 

Mercedes AMG One- 8.4 kWh Battery

The third motor is connected to the crankshaft, generating 161 bhp, while the fourth motor is linked to the advanced.

Mercedes AMG One- Generating Horsepower

AMG One has a carbon monocoque chassis made of fibre with an F1 similar pushrod suspension functions as an Sway bar. 

Mercedes AMG One- Made of Carbon

Mercedes AMG One Hypercaralso has 15.6" carbon-ceramic brakes with 6-piston calipers at the front & 15" carbon-ceramic.

Mercedes AMG One- Carbon Ceramics Brake

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The 9-spoke magnesium wheels are fitted using Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 M01 tyres specially for 2023's Mercedes AMG One.

Mercedes AMG One- 9 Spokes Magnesium

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