Conventional wisdom says Jon Rahm should feel the weight of expectations over the next few days.

Jon Rahm- Conventional

Jon Rahm- Into Account

However, the conventional wisdom does not take into account the incredibly shrewd attitude of Jon Rahm.

The win of Seve Ballesteros at St Andrews in the Open Championship in 1984 is one of the marquee moments.

Jon Rahm- St. Andrews

 The smile that beams and the dance of happiness and the grace that it was claimed the Claret Jug.

Jon Rahm- Happiness

Ballesteros took home three times the Open three times, but the his glory at the birthplace of golf.

Jon Rahm- Three Times

Rahm is entitled to be a bit irritated in the event that historical context - Spain, Seve, St Andrews.

Jon Rahm- Bit Irritated

Rahm is already been crowned the winner of the US Open at the famous Torrey Pines.

Jon Rahm- Crowned a Winner

Image Source- NY TImes

I imagine myself doing that I believe that a lot of people do. It's the thing that keeps me up and running.

Jon Rahm- Keep Up

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A hapless roll at the end of the nines caused Scottie Schefflera few strokes, and plenty of momentum.

Scottie Scheffler at British Open