Wordle-Guess Answer of Wordle 332

Good morning, Wordlers! A new puzzle is here and we've got the goss. If you couldn’t get the answer for Wordle 332.

Wordle was originally created by former Reddit engineer Josh Wardle and went super-viral in late 2021.

Wordle Game- Originally Created by

Wordle Game- Bought by New York Times

The game was bought by the New York Times earlier this year, and is now run by the paper's puzzles and games team.

Plenty of people have asked if Wordle is getting harder — I promise, it isn't.

Wordle Game- Is Wordle Getting Harder

What is Wordle- Hard Mode More Challenge

But you can always switch Wordle to Hard Mode for an extra challenge. (Yeah, you've been playing on easy.

Wordle's clean, addictive format has also inspired numerous clones and variations, such as the battle royale version Squabble.

Wordle Game 322- Clones & Variations

What is Wordle- Guessing Starts

We have plenty of ideas that can help if you want to change up your starter guess.

The word is noun as well as verb. It starts with a letter "B". If you have figured out then for confirmation it is "BEING".

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