Heardle Game- Prominent Game

With the rise of browser-based games over the past year, Heardle has become a prominent name in recent times.

The captivating game is based on the simple premise of the word guessing game, Wordle, with a unique musical twist. 

Heardle Game- Based on Word Guessing

Heardle Game- Based on Wordle

This is hardly the first game based on the popular format of Wordle, but it is the first one to capture attention to this degree.

The reasonably simple game is played by guessing the right song from a small intro part. 

Heardle Game- Guessing Right Word

Heardle Game- Six Chances

Each player gets six chances, with the duration of the clip increasing with each attempt. The goal is to guess the song.

Heardle is great fun, but not everyone may have the trivia skill and knowledge to identify every song.

Heardle Game- Knowledge to Identify

Heardle Game- Today's Heardle Clue

Hence, to help you out in your journey, here are some clues and the solution to today's Heardle.

Popularly also known as simply Freedom, George Michael's Freedom! '90 is widely considered one of the best songs.

Heardle Game- Answer

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