For groups that lose Super Bowls that they might have won, it some of the time requires a little investment.

The Bengals have one of those issues, as it connects with the way that running back Joe Mixon.

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As made sense of by Ben Baby of, Mixon tended to the circumstance on Friday.

Mentor Zac Taylor ringed in a day after Mixon finished a quietness that endured through the offseason.

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By means of Mixon, and as initially revealed by the Cincinnati Enquirer, Mixon directed an impromptu.

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During the meeting, he communicated lament for not demanding to enter the game.

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I truly ought to have stepped up on myself and just been like, 'Hello, I'm coming in.

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The Bengals commonly involved Samaje Perine in the two-minute offense. On a third-and-one convey.

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