Honor Watch GS 3 finally Launched 

The Honor Watch GS 3 was officially unveiled and was released with its official images and feature list.

Honor Watch GS 3- Straps 

The watch comes in three colors – silver with blue leather strap, gold with brown leather strap, and grey with the black rubber strap. 

Honor Watch GS 3 Launched in China 

The news is reported by IT Home, and the company says that the device is now in offline stores in China. 

Honor Watch GS 3- Availability

While it’s still unclear when the device will be available in the rest of the world, you can find more details about the device’s features and pricing here. 

Honor Watch GS 3- PPG Sensor 

It retains the round design and features a PPG sensor with eight channels. 

Honor Watch GS 3- AI

It uses artificial intelligence algorithms to make more accurate heart rate monitoring.  

Honor Watch GS 3- Ergonomics 

The device will also have two physical buttons. This makes it ideal for those who love to look their best while exercising or doing daily tasks. 

Honor Watch GS 3- Display 

The Honor GS 3 comes with a six-inch touchscreen with a full-color display. It also has a backlit LCD screen for multitasking.  

Honor Watch GS 3- OS 

The new Honor Watch GS 3 is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows devices.