Houston Astros- Eight Man Rotation

The Houston Astros have rolled with an eight-man rotation twice in this season.

With a strong season after the cutter was removed, Urquidy sports a 3.93 ERA and a 1.23 WHIP in 18 games.

Houston Astros- Strong Season

Houston Astros- Postseason

The postseason-experienced righty enters his first year of arbitration this winter while also under new representation.

Passan stated to the report that Luis Garcia and Cristian Javier have more successful seasons.

Houston Astros- Successful Seasons

The Astros have been in the market for an experienced front-end starter during the last week.

Houston Astros- Front End Starter

The first base is among the areas that require attention. Yuli Gurriel scored .319 and scored 15 hits.

Houston Astros- Require Attention

He has a .671 OPS as well as a -0.2 WAR ranking in the bottom tier among the players with the proper qualifications.

Houston Astros- Bottom Tier

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Bell has hit 40 homers over 241 games since his arrival with the Nats in the lead-up to 2021.

Houston Astros- His Arrival

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There's no doubt about that the effect Phoenix Suns point guard Chris Paul can bring to the field...

Chris Paul Grabs Top 5 in PG Rankings