Few players in the NFL are more intimidating that Aaron Donald, defensive tackle for the Los Angeles Rams.

Aaron Donald- More Intimidating

Aaron Donald- Leader for Rams

Donald was a leader for the Rams since his youth, but he assumed a greater leadership role in 2021.

Von Miller was traded by the Rams in the middle season. He did more than help bring back the Lombardi Trophy.

Aaron Donald- Was Traded

Donald was inspired by Miller's arrival to the Rams to be a leader and emphasize the importance of being a leader.

Aaron Donald- Was Inspired By

Donald was inspired by Miller's encouragement and is now passing that encouragement to his next leadership step.

Aaron Donald- Encouragement

He shared wisdom about being a leader who leads by example and stressed the importance of being vocal.

Aaron Donald- Importance

He is capable of taking over the leadership responsibilities as he tries to lead the Rams back towards.

Aaron Donald- Responsibilites

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Aaron Donald will be taking on additional leadership responsibilities after Miller is transferred to the Buffalo Bills.

Aaron Donald- Buffalo Bills

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