Paul Goldschmidt- Major League Hitter

The process of becoming major league hitters has been established for a long time in the MLB Season.

Goldschmidt was a great player in the early part of his time as a member of his team, the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Paul Goldschmidt- A Great Player

Paul Goldschmidt- In the Homers

His best years would, as you'd expect began at age 25 when he topped the league in homers as well as runs.

His batting percentage remained at or near .300 and his homer count was were around 30.

Paul Goldschmidt- Batting Percentage

However, he started falling elsewhere, particularly in walks. The percentage of on-base plus slugging.

Paul Goldschmidt- Falling Elsewhere

The season so far is a different tale. From Sunday on, Goldschmidt was leading the National League.

Paul Goldschmidt- National League

His batting average (.332) and the percentage of on-base (.415) and the slugging percentage (.614).

Paul Goldschmidt- Percentage On Base

Image Source- Sporting News

Paul Goldschmidt- Hit 26 Homers

Image Source- MLB Players Association

He had already hit 26 homers, which was five less than last year's full season total and he was back.

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