Huawei Smart Office App goes Official

The Huawei Smart Office App has gone official. The smart office software takes compatibility to the next level of technology. 

Huawei Smart Office App- Usage

The new app can be used on the Huawei Super Device, previous Huawei PC models, and the IoT Hub. 

Huawei Smart Office App- Expanding Reach

The support is planned to continue extending to more devices in the future, and  to keep improving user experiences.

Huawei Smart Office App- Control Panel

t also features a unified control panel, which allows users to remotely manage their speakers and microphone.

Huawei Smart Office App- Benefits

With the Smart Office App, users can easily share files, collaborate on projects, and manage data across various devices.

Huawei Smart Office App- Accessibility

It also offers access to files from any device on the desktop. And if you want to be more productive, you can pair your PC and tablet. 

Huawei Smart Office App- Convenient

This is possible with the new feature, which makes sharing files and documents easy and convenient. 

Huawei Smart Office App- Collaboration

In addition to allowing users to sync files and collaborate devices, it also supports Bluetooth, to pair with one another instantly.

Huawei Smart Office App- Wrapping Up

This device is a software-based solution that focuses on integration within the ecosystem and cross-device collaboration.