You are ready to order a GMC Hummer Ev-Suv. Prices for the pickup and SUV models have risen by $6650.

GMC Hummer EV- Price Hike

GMC Hummer EV- Existing Orders

This includes all existing orders. GMC states that 77,500 people have already made reservations.

New prices will be applicable to the EV 3X and EV 2X models, as well as the EV 2. The EV is a three-motor version.

GMC Hummer EV- Will be Applicable

It produces 830 horsepower and will be priced at $106,645. The EV 2X, which has a 625-hp 2-motor setup.

GMC Hummer EV- Power Produced

The $86,645 EVO 2 is the last model to arrive. It also has 625 horsepower but a smaller battery.

GMC Hummer EV- Last Model to Arrive

GMC claims it has not changed the production timelines for these different Hummer EV models.

GMC Hummer EV- Production Timeline

Customers who purchased the EV 3X pickup can configure their trucks during this summer.

GMC Hummer EV- Configure

Image Source- CNET

It will include the Edition 1 in spring 2023, EV 3X, EV 2X in spring 20,23, and the EV 2 in Spring 2024.

GMC Hummer EV- Edition 1

Image Source- The Car Connection

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