If Hunter Greene's four-seam fastball is on track this season The Reds rookie pitcher has demonstrated.

Hunter Greene- Four Seam Fastball

If Greene's pitch isn't as efficient, he's more likely to see results similar to what that he got on Thursday.

Hunter Greene- Pitch isn't Efficient

He was hit with three home runs in the Reds' 10-5 loss and he was left with an unpopular Major League lead.

Hunter Greene- With Three Hoome Runs

"He's close, man. You can tell that," said Reds left fielder Tommy Pham, who recorded two defensive assists.

Hunter Greene- Reds Left Fielder

"You are able to see it. It's all part of the process. Being a rookie like him, there are these bumps along the way.

Hunter Greene- Part of the Process

The best thing the player can do is learn from each experience and work towards improving his skills."

Image Source- New York Post

Hunter Greene- Learn for Experience

As Cincinnati fell to its seventh loss in a row and its 11th of its last 14. Greene gave up seven earned runs.

Image Source- Sportskeeda

Hunter Greene- Seventh Loss

"I made some really good pitches and I made some not so great pitches," Greene declared.

Hunter Greene- Good Pitches

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