The world-renowned South Korean automobile manufacturer Hyundai Motor Company recently unveiled its first EV.

Hyundai Electric Sedan- First EV

Hyundai Electric Sedan- New Model

With this new model, Hyundai hopes to compete with Tesla which is currently an established player.

According to an article from Reuters, this Ioniq 6 is part of Hyundai Motor Group's strategy to create.

Hyundai Electric Sedan- As per the Reuters

The plan comprises over 31 electrical vehicles to be launched through Hyundai Motor its sister company Kia Corp.

Hyundai Electric Sedan- Electrical Vehicles

The report also mentions the fact that Hyundai Motor and Kia Corp have a total of 13.5 percent.

Hyundai Electric Sedan-  Company Plan

But, they were just behind Tesla who held 22 percent of the shares of the market in that industry.

Hyundai Electric Sedan-  Tesla Killer

The new Ioniq 6 is being planned to compete with the dominant Tesla Model 3, allowing Hyundai.

Hyundai Electric Sedan-  Dominant

Tesla tends to increase the cost of their electric vehicles Hyundai hopes to gain advantage on the EV market.

Hyundai Electric Sedan-  EV Market

Image Source-HT Auto,Business Today

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