Hyundai Motor Group confirmed Friday the company will spend USD 5.5 billion on a huge electric vehicle plant near Savannah.

Hyndai $5.5 Billion EV Factory in Georgia

Hyndai employ thousands a deal Georgia's governor called the largest economic development project in the state's history.

Hyndai $5.5 Billion EV Factory- Employment

Hyundai CEO Jaehoon Chang made the announcement with Governor at the site of the future factory in Bryan County.

Hyndai $5.5 Billion EV Factory- Company CEO

where state and local officials purchased a flat, sprawling tract for USD 61 million last year in hopes of luring a major manufacturer.

Hyndai $5.5 Billion EV Factory- Flat Purchased

Hard-working Georgians are going to have the opportunity to have a really high-paying, advanced manufacturing jobs.

Hyndai $5.5 Billion EV Factory- Governor Said

Hyundai said it will employ at least 8,100 workers at the plant "near the unincorporated town of Ellabell.

Hyndai $5.5 Billion EV Factory- 8100 Workers

As President Joe Biden is visiting South Korea. He was scheduled to meet with Hyundai's CEO in Seoul on Sunday.

Hyndai $5.5 Billion EV Factory- President Meet

Hyundai said plans to move quickly with construction and hopes to begin producing vehicles in 2025.

Hyndai $5.5 Billion EV Factory- Production

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