Hyundai's performance sub-brand N has unveiled its plans for electrification in the future in an impressive manner.

Hyundai N Vision- Performance

Hyundai N Vision- Exterior Design

Along with the stunning exterior design the concept is a major asset for the automaker since it will be the hub for research.

The design of the brand's future lineup which will be mostly electrified and high-performance vehicles.

Hyundai N Vision- Future Lineup

The N Vision 74 combines electric vehicle technology with the latest hydrogen fuel cell technologies.

Hyundai N Vision- Electric Vehicles

Hyundai promises to focus in the process of developing this N Vision 74 Concept technology in order that the next generation.

Hyundai N Vision- 74 Concept Technology

Hydrogen fuel tank which can hold 4.2 kg. Hyundai states that refilling this tank can take five minutes.

Hyundai N Vision- Hydrogen Fuel Tank

Furthermore, advanced logic systems provide greater torque vectoring to both rear wheel.

Hyundai N Vision- Logic System

The system is equipped with a total performance of 671 hp and 664 pounds of torque.

Hyundai N Vision- Torque

Image Source-Bitlive,NewsXpro

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