Robert Griffin III hasn't taken an NFL snap for 19 months, however the former first-rounder has kept his option.

Robert Griffin III- NFL Snap

Griffin who is now a football broadcaster for ESPN at the age of 32 and said to Christopher Williams.

Robert Griffin III- Football Broadcaster

KWTX in Waco, Texas this weekend that he's in good shape for football in case he receives an invitation to return.

Robert Griffin III- In a Good Shape

"I am prepared to go," RGIII said. "I train each day. I throw and exercise. I know how to make my body fit.

Robert Griffin III- Make Body Fit

The second pick overall of the 2012 draft Griffin moved between Washington to Cleveland before moving.

Robert Griffin III- Cleveland

He spent the past three seasons assisting Lamar Jackson with the Ravens but was replaced in that role with Tyler Huntley.

Robert Griffin III- Last Three Seasons

The last time Griffin was present on the field and was playing as a replacement for a COVID-stricken Jackson.

Robert Griffin III- Play as Replacement

He was unable to play due to an injury to his hamstring, and after which he was put on injured reserve.

Robert Griffin III- Injury in Hamstring

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