iCloud on Windows has a serious problem. The app is picking up images and videos from strangers.

Image Source- Computer World

 This could lead to personal information ending up on strangers' iPhones, and could even threaten your privacy.

Image Source-  TOI

While there are no details on the cause of the problem, it may have something to do with the way the app handles videos. 

Some users have reported that images are corrupted, while others have complained that videos are not syncing properly.

One user says that his iPhone 14 Pro videos do not get properly synced with iCloud on Windows.

Another user reported that a video file contained photos that were not his.

MacRumours forum has received many complaints about this problem. It is unclear whether Apple is aware of the issue. 

It is also unclear whether the problem is limited to iCloud on Windows, or if the problem is being caused by other accounts as well.

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