Inflation Rate- Causing Burden

Causing burden on the finances of thousands of Americans and escalating an ongoing political crisis.

Inflation rose more than anticipated to hit a record four-decade high in June. The cost of basic necessities

Inflation Rate in the United States

Cost for daily things like rent, gasoline, and groceries increased by 9.1 percent in June over one year ago.

Inflation Rate- Cost of Daily Things

The Labor Department said Wednesday that the index of consumer prices that is a broad gauge.

Inflation Rate- Labour Department

Core prices that exclude more volatile estimates of energy and food as well as energy, increased 5.9 percent.

Inflation Rate- Volatile Estimates

Prices increased by 1.3 percent during the month-long period that began in May. Both figures were more than the 8.8 percentage.

Inflation Rate- Prices Increased by

The core prices also increased by 0.7 percent per month - more than the May and April.

Inflation Rate- May & April

Price increases were significant which suggests that inflation might not be at its highest.

Inflation Rate- Price Increases

Image Source-Financial Times,national review

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