In the short history smartphones apps, games have always generated more revenue than other app.

iOS Apps Subscriptions- Payments

iOS Apps Subscriptions- Shift Took Place

This shift took place in May 2022. In June, 50.3 per cent of US consumers spent on apps other than games.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, game spending was at its peak in late 2019.

iOS Apps Subscriptions- Covid-19 Pandemic

However, by late 2020, nongaming apps had caught up and had outperformed games by 2021.

iOS Apps Subscriptions- Outperformed

This is partly due to the recent shift in subscription-based models that many apps have made.

iOS Apps Subscriptions- Recent Shift

Games generated more revenue over the years not because they received more downloads, although they did.

iOS Apps Subscriptions- More Revenue

But because their long-term, consistent monetization was better, easier, and more robust due to in-app payments.

iOS Apps Subscriptions- Monetizations

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Others types of apps did not have this advantage and were sold at a one-time price or with limited premium upgrades.

iOS Apps Subscriptions- Updates

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