Isaiah Thomas- NBA Star

On Saturday, NBA star Isaiah Thomas commented upon Antonio Brown's Instagram photo.

Thomas has played for several NBA teams, but his best years were with the Kings and Celtics.

Isaiah Thomas- Played for Several Team

Isaiah Thomas- Antonio Brown

Brown has played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New England Patriots, and Pittsburgh Steelers.

Already thousands have liked and commented on the post. Two-time NBA All-Star Isaiah Thomas commented.

Isaiah Thomas- Commented on IG Post

Thomas played for the Charlotte Hornets during this past year, scoring an average of 8.4 points per contest.

Isaiah Thomas- Points Per Game

Two-time NBA All-Star, he has played for ten NBA teams in his career. But his best years were with the Kings.

Isaiah Thomas- NBA All Star

Thomas averaged 28.9 point per game in 2017, leading the Celtics to their Eastern Conference Finals victory.

Isaiah Thomas- Eastern Conference

Isaiah Thomas- Brown Trade

Image Source- Complex

He spent the first nine seasons with the Steelers and briefly played for them. Then he was traded to the Patriots.

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