Ja Morant- Gifted Professional

The last time we saw him, Ja Morant emerged as one of the league's best gifted professional.

Morant's breakout season also earned Morant an award in 2022 for The Most Improved player.

Ja Morant- Breakout Session

Ja Morant- Top Ranking

He has been atop rankings and lists of NBA players. In the past, he was usually ranked into the late 20s.

HoopsHype last week put Morant in the top 25 point guards in the 2022-23 season which shows his strength.

Ja Morant- Point Guard

With talent come expectations, and following Morant's phenomenal campaign this past season.

Ja Morant- Past Season

With more nationally-telecast games and coverage, the pressure is going to be greater and the Grizzlies.

Ja Morant- Telecast & Coverage

The point guards of the modern NBA differ from their floor counterparts from the past in the NBA.

Ja Morant- Floor Counterparts

The most athletic in the Nationals basketball, Morant has room to improve as he enters in his 4th season.

Ja Morant- More Improvements

Image Source- AP News

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