Ja Morant- Basketball Players

Ja Morant is one of the more thrilling and famous basketball players in the NBA.

He was a starter at the All-Star Game and led the Grizzlies to the second-best average regular-season record.

Ja Morant- Regular Season Record

In September 9th NBA 2K23 will be released,and fans always enjoy arguing about the ranking of players.

Ja Morant- 2k23 Game

Morant was listed as a general 93, something the 2K Twitter page confirmed Tuesday.

Ja Morant- Twitter Page

Former Murray State star is coming from a year in which the player averaged 27.4 scores per contest.

Ja Morant- Points per Game

There is no doubt that the player has been able to establish himself as among the top 25 players around the globe.

Ja Morant- Top 25 Players

Image Source- Si.com

Ja Morant- More Successful

Image Source- GQ

There's also an argument that can be made that he might be more successful being a 90-92 overall.

Morant is likely to be superior than during the previous season, and it's possible that the game may be ranking him.

Ja Morant- Previous Season

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