Ja Morant is one of the NBA's youngest stars, but because Morant is still growing -- and isn't in a huge market.

Ja Morant- Youngest NBA Playe

This was the case when Morant was out and about when the Memphis Grizzlies star left a huge tip.

Ja Morant- Memphis Grizzlies

When she discovered who he was the mystery, she was unable to keep the conversation going.

Ja Morant- How Waitress React

The moment was captured on the third episode in Morant's Docuseries on YouTube which was shot by his videographer.

Ja Morant- It was the 3rd Episode

Morant was engaged in an FaceTime conversation with his child as they ate lunch. He was about to give.

Ja Morant- Facetime Conversation

He asked her whether she had the correct number because...well there's no way to avoid looking at $500 on the tip line.

Ja Morant- $500 Tip to Her

A waitress at a Miami-area restaurant couldn't identify it was Ja Morant who she served.

Ja Morant - Miami Area Restaurant

Morant is able to pay for this as he has just signed a max $193 million deal extension to the Grizzlies.

Ja Morant- $193 Million Deal

Image Source- Sports Illustrated

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