That gasp that you could hear was the collective shock of a lot of Houston Rockets fans when Paolo Banchero was drafted.

Jabari Smith- Collective Shock

 It was reported for a few weeks by many credible sources that Banchero was the Rockets team's pick.

Jabari Smith- Many Credible Sources

The focus was immediately shifted on JabariSmith Jr. As Chet Holmgren was an obvious choice for the Thunder.

Jabari Smith- Immidiately Shifter

When the team drafted Jabari Smith and then Tari Eason at the 17th pick Houston's shooting as well as defense improved significantly.

Jabari Smith- Team Drafted in 17th Pick

They both Smith along with Eason are well-known for playing strong defenses and are bringing something that team was lacking.

Jabari Smith- Strong Defenses

During the past two seasons the ability to defend strong wings with the speed and size to defend various spots.

Image Source- Marca

Jabari Smith- Past Two Seasons

The Rockets were ranked 20th in 3-point shooting last year, and dead last in allowing points per game.

Image Source- IndyCornRows

Jabari Smith- Point Shooting

Jabari Smith is among the most effective shooters of the draft. In his last season at Auburn, Smith shot 42 percent over the 3-point line.

Jabari Smith- Most Effective Shooters

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