Jack Eichel- More than One Year

It's been more than one year since Buffalo Sabres traded former star player Jack Eichel to the Vegas.

The Buffalo Sabres are leading their rivals the Vegas Golden Knights in the Jack Eichel trade.

Jack Eichel- Buffalo Sabres

Jack Eichel- Back to November

However, if you look back to November 4 2022 and the following days it will be clear that some pundits.

At first, everyone was doing what they had gotten accustomed to doing during the past decade.

Jack Eichel- Accustomed

This is the statement from Sabre Noise's sister website, Puck Prose, stated after the trade took place.

Jack Eichel- Trade took Place

"But Who "won" the deal? If I'm honest the answer is Vegas. Anyone who receives Jack Eichel.

Jack Eichel- Honest Answer

Buffalo can't use Alex Tuch in the near future since Tuch is in LTIR. If Jack Eichel is healed and fully fit.

Jack Eichel- In the Near Future

Now, fast forward to August 2022 then Eichel is now in charge of a shaky Vegas Golden Knights team.

Jack Eichel- Golden Knights

Image Source- NYPOST

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