The Jaguars have been struggling to fill their stadium throughout their 27-year existence in Jacksonville.

Jacksonville Jaguars- Struggling to Fill

Jacksonville Jaguars- Fans are Urging

Fans are urging them in loud, clear language about what they need to do to make it better to get more wins.

A survey by the Jaguars of fans who do not have season tickets discovered that the top. top reason given.

Jacksonville Jaguars- Seasons Tickets

This was the reason cited by 64 percent of those who had season tickets in the past.

Jacksonville Jaguars- Cited by 64%

Other issues mentioned included the scorching heat in Jacksonville and the lack of shaded seating along.

Jacksonville Jaguars- Shaded Seatings

The Jaguars have the most disappointing performance in the NFL for the past two seasons in consecutive years.

Jacksonville Jaguars- Most Disappointing

While there's been talk about the renovation of their stadium to bring in more fans it's true that renovations.

Jacksonville Jaguars- About the Renovation

The Jacksonville Jaguars are a couple of weeks away from starting off Doug Pederson's very first training camp.

Jacksonville Jaguars- Training Camp

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Ortega's shoulder was popped out at the end of the first round as he was battling to get into the position.

Brian Ortega got a Shoulder Injury