The desire of teams to take Jaden Ivey in the fourth round as well as there is a preference for the Kings

Jaden Ivey- Desire of Teams

Murray It is to be noted, may not reach the age of five at the Pistons therefore all the rumors could be a plan.

Jaden Ivey- To be Noted

The speculation will only get more intense after a couple of details were released on Monday.

Jaden Ivey- The Speculations

In the second, Jaden Ivey told reporters on Monday that he's had only private sessions with two teams.

Jaden Ivey- Told Reporters

If I got drafted there, it wouldn't be the worst option," Ivey stated, as per Stefan Bondy.

Jaden Ivey- Got Drafted

However, it seems Detroit does not have the motivation to move that one position because the player they'd liked.

Image Source- Detroit Free Press

Jaden Ivey- Have the Motivation

We'll be covering more about Ivey as a potential player and his future, and also news regarding other players.

Image Source- Sporting News

Jaden Ivey- More about Ivey

To the NBA Draft, it is advised to take all information with a few millions of milligrams of salt.

Jaden Ivey- To the NBA Draft

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