Jake Luton- New Orleans Saints

The New Orleans Saints added quarterback Jake Luton to their practice team on Tuesday.

New Orleans made the announcement of signing that coincides with the promotion of defensive lineman.

Jake Luton- The Announcements

Jaguars made Luton a sixth-round selection in 2020 following the fact that the quarterback scored 28 passing touchdowns.

Jake Luton- Sixth Round Selections

In three games, Luton completed 60 of 110 passes, gaining six24 yards and two touchdowns.

Jake Luton- Passes & Touchdowns

He signed with in the Seattle Seahawks last season, but he didn't play prior to his time as a member.

Jake Luton- Seattle Seahawks

The Jaguars introduced Luton back under a reserve/future deal but Luton was released in the month following.

Jake Luton- Future Deal

Image Source-  Si.com

Jake Luton- Include Him

Image Source-  SI.COM, Sactown Royalty

They signed another time just two weeks ago, but they didn't include him on the 53-player roster.

Jameis Winston and Andy Dalton are the two quarterbacks who are the only ones on the Saints current roster.

Jake Luton- Two QBs

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