The Dallas Mavericks now have a Jalen Brunson-sized hole in their backcourt , after Brunson signed a contract.

Jalen Brunson- Dallas Mavericks

With the New York Knicks, he signed a four-year contract worth $104 million which is worthy.

Jalen Brunson- Worth $104 Million

The 25-year-old was not the most popular player to reach free agency in the season however he was one of the most exciting wild cards.

Jalen Brunson- Most Renowned Player

Because the second-round selection of 2018 was an unrestricted free agent and the Mavericks could not simply match.

Jalen Brunson- 2nd Round Selection

For smaller teams seeking to make a huge impact, Brunson was a prime candidate to look at.

Jalen Brunson- Making Huge Impact

Exiled from the Mavericks also provided Brunson with the chance to play a role which was probably unattainable.

Jalen Brunson- Chance to Play

In his initial three years, Brunson was used largely as an extra. In 2021-22, he showed himself to be a regular starter.

Jalen Brunson- Initial Three Years

Image Source- ESPN

Payers may ultimately prefer an environment in which they feel more energised.

Jalen Brunson- What to be Preferred

Image Source- Nets Daily

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