The Knicks have already recruited Ousmane Dieng, and then immediately removed him from the team.

Jalen Duren- Already Recruited

They are now purchasing Jalen Duren, who was with the Hornets (who placed him in as 13th overall).

Jalen Duren- Purchasing Him

It appeared that the possibility of Jaden Ivey moving towards New York seemed like it was on the table.

Jalen Duren- Moving Towards

Four second-rounders and a first-rounder is a significant price to pay for Walker's $9 million salary.

Jalen Duren- Second Rounder

The Knicks are basically betting on the prospect of bringing in young players that are selected in this draft.

Jalen Duren- Basically Betting

The target for the draft is Jalen Brunson who is perfect because Brunson is an excellent player.

Image Source- New York Post

Jalen Duren- Target for the Draft

The Knicks will need to pay him -lots. And, of course it's not a guarantee that he will to move into New York.

Image Source- Sportskeeda

Jalen Duren- Need to Pay Him

We can guess that he's looking to buy Jalen Brunson, sign Mitchell Robinson, and essentially bring back.

Jalen Duren- Looking to Buy

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