Houston Rockets' second-year star Jalen Green isn't new his first-year player Jabari Smith Jr.'s scenario.

Jabari Smith- First Year Player

Jabari Smith- Top Draft Pick

Both were top draft picks and had high expectations. Both players also participated in the NBA Summer League.

For Smith Jr., Green will assist Smith Jr. transition to the new system and gave some important tips.

Jabari Smith- Green will Assist

"Just be yourself," Green. "Don't try to force nothing. Don't try to play out of character.

Jabari Smith- Just be Focused

Everyone wants you here to play your best basketball. Don't think about what's going to happen.

Jabari Smith- Play your Best

After a slow beginning towards the game 1, Smith was able to make it happen during the second game 2.

Jabari Smith- Slow Beginning

Not be the most impressive statistically, Smith was able to explain reasons why Rockets were so impressed.

Jabari Smith- Impressive Statistics

Image Source-Houston Chornicle

There is still lots of Summer League, as well as the entire regular season to Smith to make more modifications

Jabari Smith- Summer League

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The Two Brewers Great Players has been Selected for the MLB All-Star Tournament and we know them very well.

2 Brewers Star Selected for All-Stars Are