Jalen Ramsey- Three Times

Ramsey, who is a three-time All-Pro defensive player and the newly crowned Super Bowl champion.

Joined the web series hosted by the team "Inside Rams Camp" to talk about his healing of a shoulder.

Jalen Ramsey- Rams Camp

Jalen Ramsey- Near 100 Percent

Ramsey admitted that he's "nowhere near 100 percent," however his comments will certainly.

I feel 10 times better than how my shoulder was feeling during the season," Ramsey spoke to host.

Jalen Ramsey- My Shoulder

Even though Ramsey was unable to play in just one game during the Rams running towards their first Super Bowl.

Jalen Ramsey- Just One Game

Ramsey took part in the majority of the season in a weakened state, revealing in March.

Jalen Ramsey- Majority Season

When healing through rest and did not resolve the issue, Ramsey and the team chose.

Jalen Ramsey- The Issue

Image Source- NY Times

Image Source- Stltoday.com

Ramsey was a bit unsure of the Super Bowl injury report as the final matchup against his team.

Jalen Ramsey- Bit Unsure

Image Source- ESPN

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