Jalen Ramsey was not very pleased when he read about what some league executives had to say about his professional career.

Jalen Ramsey- Not Very Pleased

Jalen Ramsey- Los Angeles Rams

The Los Angeles Rams cornerback took to Twitter to defend his credentials despite placing at No. 1.

On ESPN's positional rankings ranking for the 2nd straight year. ESPN's Jeremy Fowler polled 50 league

Jalen Ramsey- Positional Rankings

He also the list was based on two league executives who were not named and paraphrased a third.

Jalen Ramsey- Based on Two Leagues

"I think he's falling off and a little overrated at this point," an AFC executive said to Fowler.

Jalen Ramsey- Little Overrated

Super Bowl, to me, is an indication of what it's going to look like moving forward [when Ramsey gave up big plays.

Jalen Ramsey- Moving Forward

He's not as good as [Darrelle] Revis or Charles Woodson, but he's the best in this era," an NFL director.

Jalen Ramsey- Best in the Era

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One NFL exec said Ramsey's man coverage was not great in 2021," Fowler said, "that he wasn't isolated.

Jalen Ramsey- Man Coverage

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The player will be playing with Kawhi Leonard and Paul George next season, John Wall declared.

John Wall Statement on Joining LA Clippers