Jamal Crowford- Seattle City

Thousands of dollars in any other city, but not in Seattle and not because of the vision of Jamal Crawford.

It's likely that most people aren't however, the world of social media is filled with negativity.

Jamal Crowford- Social Media

Jamal Crowford- Climate Pledge

Many asked, why can't they attend UW or Climate Pledge Arena to avoid some of the issues with venues?

The Crawsover Pro-Am has been going through the entire summer in Seattle Pacific University.

Jamal Crowford- Entire Summer

It's not enough time to get anything done that has insurance waivers to the people who attend an event.

Jamal Crowford- Insurance Waivers

This means that Seattle Pacific was certainly not the most ideal location for hosting one of the most prestigious tournaments.

Jamal Crowford- Ideal Locations

Then an average of seven hours of action, with a crowded stand and on the ground led to the sunken air.

Jamal Crowford- Crowded Stand

Image Source- Bleacher Report

Jamal Crowford- High School Living

Image Source- Bleacher Report

The truth is that anyone who is older than high school living in Seattle probably doesn't have any many vivid images.

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