Ja'Marr Chase- Stand for Snowballs

It's been a long time since the days when Ja'Marr Chase employed for no cost at a stand for snowballs.

After signing $30.8 million deal for Bengals, his biggest purchase was the black Maserati for his mom.

Ja'Marr Chase- Deal for Bengal

Ja'Marr Chase- Fiifth Selection

The fifth selection of the 2021 NFL draft -and who also received an $19.8 million bonus for signing.

In an earlier interview in GQ, Chase said that he cried until he arrived at his hotel room evening of the draft.

Ja'Marr Chase- In the Earlier Interview

His mother owned an old Audi which didn't have an air conditioner. After he earned his first pay check.

Ja'Marr Chase- An Old Audi

Chase purchased her a midnight black Maserati with a red interior. It was his first major purchase of $65k.

Ja'Marr Chase- Black Maserati

"She was crying, like tears of joy," he added. "That was good to see. She made me start crying."

Ja'Marr Chase- Her Mom Cried

Ja'Marr Chase- His Family Home

Image Source- WCPO

Chase used part of the money for the payment of his family's home and gift his siblings each $15,000.

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