Philadelphia All-Stars of the 76ers James Harden has a $35.6 million player option in 2023-23.

Image By- Sportstar

Seemed to me like they signed a handshake in July. He created the space for P.J. Tucker.

I believe that he'll come back the following year, in Philly at a higher cost.

With a cap of $134 million estimate, Harden could re-sign with the Sixers with a price of up to $46.9 million.

Although many teams in the league are wondering what happens if Philadelphia is working in tandem.

Joel Embiid and Harden pairing but they are unlikely to be able to clear the cap for a failed attempt.

If you're the manager of a team that wants to take Harden out of the Sixers...don't take the risk.

The firm's co-founders announced a series of measures that will make the company more sustainable.

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