James Harden- Highest Paid

The time that James Harden entered the NBA in 2009, the highest-paid league athlete.

Harden turned down his player-option offer of $47.3m next season in order to sign an extension.

James Harden- Player Option

James Harden- A Discount

That is worth $68.6m which will allow him to receive a discount of $14 million next season.

Some are speculating that Harden could earn his money return in a clever way when the NBA Season start.

James Harden- Money Return

Harden is an ex- MVP and a 10-time All-Star and three-time scoring champion who is a winner.

James Harden- All Time Star

He became the first top player to be forced to accept a cut in pay to that extent in the NBA's history.

James Harden- Top Player

Harden was offered a huge pay cut in hopes of aiding him and his Philadelphia 76ers build a champ player.

James Harden- Huge Pay Cut

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Sixers their head of basketball operations Daryl Morey "to improve the roster, sign who we needed to sign.

James Harden- Basketball Operations

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Collin Sexton was in the process of negotiating what he believed to be maximum or at a minimum.

Cleveland Cavaliers has a Trade Offer