James Harden- 76ers Superstar

Philly 76ers superstar James Harden has done just about everything throughout his NBA career.

From receiving an MVP award, to winning three scoring championships, and producing stunning performances.

James Harden- MVP Award

James Harden- Western Conference

Harden played Houston into their Western Conference finals in both 2015 and 2018.

Each time they came up against Golden State Warriors. Golden State Warriors and he failed to win.

James Harden- The Warriors

In the present, as the Sixers He is hoping to join forces with Joel Embiid to lead Philadelphia.

James Harden- Join Forces

In all honesty, Harden has the second highest scoring points of all active players with no rings.

James Harden- Scoring Points

Since Harden has had the chance to take a break from his hamstring, and to connect with his teammates.

James Harden- His Hamstrings

Image Source- Complex

In alll course of time, James Harden has racked up 23477 points over the course of his career.

James Harden- Total Points

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