James Harden- NBA Insider

NBA Insider Bobby Marks is confident of James Harden regaining his form this year and placing in the top 3.

The former MVP enjoyed initial success as a player with The Brooklyn Nets, a nagging muscle injury.

James Harden- Former MVP

James Harden- A Half Season

Post one and a half seasons in the Nets and Harden was adamant about being transferred again.

The Ten-time All-Star was set to move to Philadelphia to reunite with the former Rockets manager.

James Harden- All Time Star

While Harden appeared to be a less imposing than his former self, partnership with Joel Embiid.

James Harden- Forrmer Partnership

Sixers guard was the subject of intense criticism, mainly for his poor performance during the playoffs.

James Harden- Intense Criticism

The most recent playoffs saw Harden fall short yet again, not being able to remove his choker badge.

James Harden- Recent Playoffs

James Harden- Unable to Perform

Image Source- The Sixer Sense

The 6-foot-5 guard was unable to perform in the face of Joel Embiid's struggles with injuries.

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