James Harden- Philadelphia 76ers

Philadelphia the 76ers Guard James Harden continues to show that he's on a mission during the offseason.

Recent photos of him in the gym showing his body in the best shape that he's ever been in.

James Harden- In the Gym

James Harden- NBA Professional

Harden, who is a professional athlete, has been struggling to stay physically healthy all through his professional career.

However, this time Harden is doing all he can to ensure he is in top form as the season begins.

James Harden- In the Top Form

He recently had to take an pay cut during an extension to his contract which permitted his fellow Sixers.

James Harden- A Pay Cut

Harden's dedication for Joel Embiid and the team is clearly on display during the offseason.

James Harden- His Dedications

The photos of Harden appearing in top form during his workouts were posted on Instagram.

James Harden- Viral Video

James Harden- First Assessed

Image Source- NBA

James Harden first assessed at P3 in 2016. During this assessment, we were able to uncover his super-power.

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